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Master thesis

In order to complete the Interdisciplinary Space Master, students need to conduct an independent master’s thesis project related to the space domain and document their work in a master’s thesis. The thesis shall be written during the 4thsemester of studies and should cover a scientific topic within the scope of the ISM (such as space engineering, space informatics, space business and finance, or space entrepreneurship). The examination of the work is based on the thesis and the student should be the single author.


The Master thesis project may be carried out in the following ways:

  • Industrial thesis project: the student engages in a collaboration with industry, other universities, research institutions, or space agencies such as ESA, NASA . More information here. 
  • Academic track: the student works in close collaboration with one of the University’s research groups focused on space projects. In this case, the student should approach a potential thesis advisor to explore projects linked to the research group’s activities.
  • Standard option: the student chooses a topic and carries out related research independently under the supervision of a thesis advisor at the University. Once the topic is identified the student approaches potential thesis advisors or the ISM study director for assistance.


30 ECTS credits are granted to the master’s thesis in the ISM programme and shall be completed within 6 months from the starting date.

The final thesis will be graded by a jury composed by University’s members and supervisors.