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The annual round-up of top universities across the globe for 2022 was published yesterday, with the University of Luxembourg ranking in the top 300. Including more than 1,600 universities in the world, The Times Higher Education (THE) rankings are considered to be the most comprehensive and renowned list of rankings worldwide. Each centre is graded across five areas of interest: teaching, research, citations, industry income and international outlook.

Since 2016, the University has continued to increase its research score, which takes into account the reputation for research excellence, income and productivity. This year, it has received its highest score ever for research: 39.2, in addition to its highest score ever for industry income (47.3). Meanwhile, in the rankings of universities established in the past 50 years, the University came in 20th position. When it comes to research influence, an important statistic is how successful a centre is in the spreading of new knowledge and ideas. For citations, scores in the areas of engineering and technology, in addition to life sciences, scored 98 and 99 respectively out of 100.

With the Grand Duchy being truly international, it comes as no surprise that the University of Luxembourg also received one of the highest rankings across the board in the category of international outlook: 99,5%, coming in third overall. The University reports 52% of its students being international, hailing from 120 different countries. Besides these figures, the international outlook statistic also takes into consideration the proportion of international staff, as well as international co-authors in publications.

Overall, the University is therefore positioned among the top 18% of universities evaluated by THE. It is important to note that the number of universities included in the World University Ranking 2022 has increased by 135 compared to 2021, resulting in increasingly fierce competition.

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