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In 2021, our ISM students will graduate and will be ready to begin their careers in Luxembourg’s dynamic commercial space sector. Thanks to the ISM’s interdisciplinary character and project-based learning approach, our graduates will have obtained a solid understanding of all aspects of the space value chain, as well as space engineering expertise.

Master internship and thesis in cooperation with a company

A crucial element of completing the ISM programme is writing a master’s thesis that focuses on a scientific topic, such as space engineering, space informatics, space business and finance, or space entrepreneurship. To maximise the benefits of this project, students are encouraged to pursue internships that will provide the basis for their thesis project. It is a great way to kick-start the student’s career and to open up exciting opportunities directly with industry.

How you benefit from having a Master’s student:

As an internship supervisor you can expect many positive benefits including:

  • Assistance in advancing or initiating innovative projects in the Space domain: students can contribute to projects,
  • Access to specialist knowledge: students can bring their advanced skills and knowledge in space engineering and business and put them to practical use,
  • Establish a link to specialists at the University: students will have a domain expert as advisor at the University,
  • Focus in-depth on specific problems that the company would like to investigate and explore solutions,
  • Potential hire once the student has graduated.


If you are interested and your company has open opportunities for the ISM students, please get in touch with ism@uni.lu

Deadline: end of January 2020