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Gone are the days where the space industry was dominated by the public sphere. The new space movement has seen a commercialisation of the sector that is enabling more and more companies to join in an exciting race to the stars. In fact, it’s private companies that may enable us to go further than we have ever gone before. Here in Luxembourg, efforts to progress the space sector have not gone unnoticed. Over the last three decades, the country has seen an emergence of more than 50 companies, resulting in a thriving ecosystem of space activity.

Prof. Djamila Aouada, head of the CVI2 research group and co-head of the Zero-G Lab at SnT, has been enabling companies to develop their space ambitions. Previously specialising in terrestrial projects, their experience as a group has seen them transfer their wealth of knowledge in computer vision to the space sector over the last 12 years.

In this article with Paperjam, Prof. Aouada gives an overview as to how her research group has helped companies to succeed in space using computer vision technologies. This includes how start-ups can receive specialist help in developing their products, and some examples of the work they’ve achieved in the framework of their partnerships with companies.

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