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New Space Ventures


The NewSpace Ventures Talks are a series of in-person events in Luxembourg aimed at gathering professionals interested in discovering the current developments of the commercial space sector, and exchanging on the related opportunities.


The purpose of the event series is to create a meeting point for professionals in sectors such as Finance, Legal, Business, Engineering, Arts & Humanities, Healthcare, and more who have an interest in space ventures in terms of technological research and business investigations, and who seek to meet like-minded people. Each event will offer opportunities to hear from and exchange with experts in aerospace engineering and other space entrepreneurs, as well as with other players within the ever-evolving New Space sector. Attendees will benefit from an exclusive access to high-caliber speakers on the latest industry trends, but also on commercial, research and academic developments currently taking place in Luxembourg and abroad.


In a nutshell, the NewSpace Ventures Talks offer a functional networking platform for professionals interested in discussing and triggering fruitful exchanges about sectoral expertise and potential collaborations.


The next event core topics will be dedicated to: 
– Space research in Luxembourg
– Space missions design
– Education, entrepreneurial talents and new space


Date: 28 April


Event organised with the support of 





18:20 Introduction by Technoport & InTech
18:30 Space systems research in Luxembourg

Loveneesh Rana, SnT – University of Luxembourg

18:40 Concurrent design as a holistic approach to engineering, business, and more

Massimo Bandecchi, European Space Agency

19:00 Educate for Space

Stéphane Pallage, Rector of University of Luxembourg

19:05 Designing a New Space venture as a student

SpaceHack – Space Technology Business Hackathon winning team presentation

19:15 “UNIVERSEH”: New Space education and experiential learning

Eric Tschirhart, University of Luxembourg

19:30 Networking


Massimo Bandecchi Since 1989 he worked at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in the Netherlands, covering different Systems Engineering roles and responsibilities. In particular he was the founding father, first team leader and manager of the ESA Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) which has been applied for the feasibility assessment and preliminary design of hundreds of potential future space missions. Massimo is author of several publications about Concurrent Engineering and has promoted its utilization across a number of industrial sectors and in academia.


Loveneesh Rana received his Ph.D. degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) in 2017. He has more than seven years of experience in the advanced research facility, the Aerospace Vehicle Design (AVD) Lab at UTA, where he worked on developing state-of-the-art design synthesis solutions. At SnT, he is the Head of the CDF Lab and part of the SPASYS research group.


Eric Tschirhart is full professor of physiology at the University of Luxembourg, special advisor to the rector, coordinating ‘UNIVERSEH European University’ and ‘University of the Grater Region’. Prof. Tschirhart has a PhD in Pharmacology and a MBA. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry and public research institutions, he joined the University of Luxembourg in 2002, participated in the expansion of Life Sciences in Luxembourg, before taking serial managerial positions at the University of Luxembourg, in research, finance & administration, technology transfer, fundraising, and academic organization as vice-president.


The event is now fully booked and registrations have closed. If you’d like to sign up to the waitlist, please write to us at snt-comm@uni.lu.