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6GSpace Lab

How to communicate in and via space?

Satellite communications allow data transmission even in the most remote places on Earth. They let us gather remote data about the Earth and connect with each other, and are constantly evolving to enable an increasing number of applications and more throughput-demanding services. The University of Luxembourg conducts a large number of research projects in satellite communications, several of which are funded by ESA and conducted in cooperation with industry partners.

The 6GSpace Lab gives researchers and students the opportunity to test and validate their algorithms in conditions that reflect the challenges and constraints of real-world communications platforms. It explores research topics such as precoded downlink beams, ISL data/payload synchronisation and DVB-S2/5G NR communication standards. It also provides students with the opportunity to test their self-designed communication transceivers with a real-time communications testbed for CubeSats with its customisable LEO channel emulator.

Head of laboratory:

Jorge Querol Borras

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