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CubeSat Lab

Do satellites need to be huge?

A CubeSat is a nanosatellite measuring 10 x 10 x 10 cm, completely customisable, modular and designed to operate for 1-3 years in low Earth orbit. These satellites have served experimental purposes but are being increasingly used for business and scientific applications. In particular, when deployed in formation, they offer new capabilities for imaging and sensing applications.

CubeSats are the catalysts of the NewSpace industry. Thanks to the countless applications they lend themselves to, and their reduced cost, these nanosatellites have spurred a new space race. Hundreds of CubeSat launches are currently scheduled for the next couple of years by companies like Planet, Hawkeye, Hiber, Spire, and many more.

Students of the Interdisciplinary Space Master start designing CubeSat missions from day 1, and test their knowledge on a flight-ready prototype in the dedicated laboratory. Once their mission will launch, they will be able to practise real space flight operations.

Head of laboratory:

Jan Thoemel

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