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Concurrent Design Facility

Welcome to state-of-the-art spacecraft design

The ISM’s Concurrent Design Facility is a dedicated space for concurrent engineering, a work methodology that is replacing the traditional sequential design practices. Due to its proven advantages in cost, schedule and accuracy, the concurrent approach is being adopted and applied in space agencies like ESA and NASA, and private companies such as Airbus. Instead of having engineers work on their own and in consecutive steps on the same project, concurrent engineering calls for a collaborative and agile approach.

Teamwork is fostered through the use of modern, connected workstations and a flexible lab design, which will be adapted to suit applications such as space system design, strategic forecasting, space architecture, and feasibility studies. No matter the task, ISM students use the CDF to create tomorrow’s space access vehicles, satellites, space manoeuvring systems and extra-terrestrial mobility vehicles, all while learning to work under this new, collaborative engineering approach to be prepared for the space industry.



Head of laboratory:

Loveneesh Rana

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