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At the University of Luxembourg, student job opportunities are available to further your learning experience and support your studies. Gain professional experience, and become familiar working with processes, techniques, and tools of your research interest area, with the option to complete your master thesis at the same time.


By working in close collaboration with one of the University’s research groups focused on space projects, you’ll be able to learn from our world-class researchers, advance your skills and knowledge in a practical environment.


Focus areas range from aspects of space systems engineering, robotics, and communications topics.  

  • The minimum number of hours available for these opportunities is 10 per month. The maximum available is 60 per month.

Available Focus Areas

We can offer student jobs in the areas of: 


Space Systems Engineering – SpaSys Research Group:


Services and infrastructures in space are vital for our society and rely on increasingly sophisticated systems. The SpaSys group aims to research and develop novel space services based on space systems that are miniaturised and distributed, including ChipSats and CubeSats, operated in swarms and formations, in-space manufacturing, and in-situ resource utilisation.


Students can explore the following:


– Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning applications for space 

– Embedded systems development 

– Sustainable design of space systems 

– Conceptual design of solar sails 



Signal Processing and Communications – SIGCOM Research Group: 


Ever-evolving wireless communications and sensing require increasingly efficient systems to transmit, analyse and receive high-quality data. SIGCOM conducts research aimed at designing, emulating and testing new high-performance systems for the future of mobile and satellite communications, and radar signal processing. Fields of applications range from 5G/6G telecommunications to satellite based internet connectivity, and radar sensing in automotive and indoor applications.


Students can explore the following:


– Satellite or quantum communications



Space Robotics – SpaceR Research Group:


The new space age relies on advanced technology for its breakthroughs – with robotics at its very core. SpaceR conducts research in autonomous planetary and orbital robotics for space exploration, in-situ resource utilisation and orbital servicing. In addition, the group also focuses on aerial and ground robotics and multi-robot cooperation.


Students can explore the following:


– Discriminating Good Grasps from Bad Grasps in 6-DoF Grasp Synthesis 

– Robotic Autonomous Exploration in Underground Environments 

– Application of Reinforcement Learning for Robots in Space 

– Motorisation of HOTDOCK Mechanism for Docking Emulation 

– Multi-Robot Localisation 

– Lens Flare Removal 

– Isolating/Identification of Forces Measured by an F/T Sensor 


To apply for any of these positions, please reach out to Marielle Mabille, the ISM Study Programme Administrator.


  • Students must be enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Space Master at the University of Luxembourg. 

  • Excluded are PhD students, and all students having another work contract, doing any internship or being on mobility abroad. 

  • Non-European students must have a valid stay authorisation.