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Thanks to the ISM’s interdisciplinary character and project-based learning approach, graduates obtain a solid understanding of all aspects of the space value chain, as well as space engineering expertise. The courses include systems engineering, spacecraft design, satellite communications, space missions and operations, ground segment operations, space exploration and exploitation, commercial and research operations on the Moon and near-Earth asteroids, and space resources.  


The ISM’s unique approach is characterised by an innovative balance between technology and business disciplines. Graduates get the chance to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that is required to be successful in the growing space industry. Students also gain first-hand experience in the sector through their project-based final thesis, be it at the University or at a company.


The Study Programme has been reviewed by CEOs in the industrial space sector who agree that graduates with this type of interdisciplinary education will be able to thrive in many positions within their industries.


More specifically, graduates will be able to apply the skills and education they acquired through the ISM in:

    • Research in disciplines such as satellite communications, space robotics, Earth observation, geodesy, and others
  • Consultancy in a variety of technical and business fields 

    • Systems engineering, technology development and application
    • Data analysis and processing with big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to interpret observations from space
    • Project management of space missions and operations
    • Management roles in the public and the commercial space industries, translating business objectives into mission requirements, and acting as liaison between higher management and systems engineers
    • Entrepreneurship in the NewSpace sector, including business, finance and legal aspects required to develop start-ups. Graduates following this career path in Luxembourg can benefit from the support provided by the local Space Accelerator, Startup Hub and Startup Incubator, in addition to the University’s Technology Transfer Office.

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We have compiled resources and links to help you make your first career steps, or simply have a look at the current available possibilities in the space sector.

In addition, the University of Luxembourg assists all graduates through its Career Centre, by reviewing CVs, coaching for job interviews, and directly connecting former students with employers. For further information, visit the Career Centre website.