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The Interdisciplinary Space Master at the University of Luxembourg features technical and business lectures from experienced academic staff, as well as external experts from the commercial space industry.

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About us

An interdisciplinary programme


Groundbreaking innovations in satellite technology, space exploration and exploitation have paved the way for a greater-than-ever commercial use of space. To thrive, the commercial space sector requires professionals able to manage both the technical and the business side of space missions and operations.

Integrated approach

The Interdisciplinary Space Master (ISM) at the University of Luxembourg was especially designed with this double focus in mind – a unique feature setting it apart from other courses.

Developed in partnership with the Luxembourg Space Agency, the ISM is characterised by a project-based learning approach and strong links with national stakeholders, including industry. The Master offers students an interdisciplinary education in the following fields:

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Space Systems Engineering

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Space Informatics

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Business Management

Your future

Full-time and part-time students acquire knowledge and skills that will prepare them for a successful career in the dynamic, growing commercial space sector - one with long-term economic potential, both in Luxembourg and internationally. Today, Luxembourg’s space sector contribution to the GDP is amongst the highest in Europe, and the Government has taken concrete steps to support and encourage commercial space ventures, including the creation of this Master.


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The LunaLab of the Interdisciplinary Space Master is one of the few facilities across the globe that simulates lunar conditions for testing autonomous robots. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art sensor technologies that allow researchers to monitor the success of their automated programs and the robot’s actual movements down to the millimetre.

Farzaneh GholamiSpace & Sustainability Engineer at GRADEL

“Luxembourg is multicultural and multilingual, and this diversity can also be seen in the ISM. The courses are multidisciplinary, and both students and professors come from different backgrounds – even more diversity here!”

Peter PlatzerCEO, Spire Global

"Emerging new technologies and business models in the NewSpace sector have created demand for professionals able to bridge engineering, science, business and finance. Such cross-functional understanding, which is at the core of the Interdisciplinary Space Master, will drive the most profound and lasting innovations. That’s why I know our alumni will be key players in the rapidly growing space industry ecosystem.”

Lari CujkoISM Student

“The first academic year was intense, but the trainers were incredibly experienced and knowledgeable in their fields of expertise. I also had the chance to learn from experienced members of the Luxembourg Space Agency and from space firms and start-ups which opened their doors to us and presented their R&D departments, both in theory and practically in their labs.”

Natalia StepanovaISM Student

“From the first day as students, we were integrated within the space industry - from attending international space events in Luxembourg to local meetings at the University, and having the chance of being taught by the best experts from all over the world.”


Your career in space

Technology or business? Why not both! Subjects taught at the Interdisciplinary Space Master are applicable to a wide range of professions in the space industry. Expertise in topics such as Space Informatics, Space Project Management and Space Entrepreneurship, among others, prepare our students to steer their careers exactly where they want them to go.